This is The easiest cream to fight against the dimples.

Fighting cellulite is not the business of a miracle product! It is a regular and daily effort that combines good habits with a healthy and varied diet and exercise, but also good gestures. Indeed, we often put everything on the product that is applied on the skin while the massage itself is even more important. So you don’t have to embarrass yourself with complicated formulas! With two ingredients, you will get a nice and effective cream to massage at will on the skin. Coconut oil will moisturize and take care of your skin while the essential oil will be responsible for chasing cellulite.

What you need:
-210 g coconut oil
-30 drops of grapefruit essential oil
-An airtight glass container
Caution: The essential oil used is photosensitive, so do not apply it to the skin before going to the sun.

The steps:
1) put the coconut oil in a bowl and work it with the spoon to soften it.

2) Add the essential oil and mix thoroughly and long so that everything is well incorporated and the mixture is more creamy.

3) Transfer the preparation to a glass container. We do not recommend plastic with essential oils (especially those that are more “acidic” like those of citrus), as this can gnaw the container.

4) Every day, take cream and massage your skin for a few minutes (five are enough). You can find examples of massage on YouTube, for example for basic gestures or for the famous palpate-roll.

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