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Here is why the utilization of charcoal toothpaste can cause health problems

The use of activated carbon to whiten teeth in a natural way can cause, in the long term, a loss of enamel, discoloration, as well as stains on the teeth and on the tongue. As a precautionary principle, ask your dentist for advice. Among the new trends in home-made products, […]

How to prevent gum disease in 3 steps?

To prevent gingivitis, good oral hygiene is essential because it limits the development of plaque and the appearance of Tartar: frequent and careful brushing of teeth, use of dental floss, brushes Inter-dental… have good oral hygiene to prevent gingivitis The accumulation of bacteria at the junction of teeth and gums […]

Just consume these 4 Foods to whiten your teeth like crazy

4 Foods that whiten teeth The benefits of certain foods are not only limited to our health, but also to the appearance of our teeth. No need to spend a fortune on whitening products to have a glittering smile. The necessary ingredients are in your kitchen. Integrate them into your […]

5 Tips for white and healthy teeth natural

tea, coffee, Grape juice… Many foods can stain, yellow or damage the Teeth. Find out how to have healthier and whiter teeth in the natural way! In addition to having many health benefits, lemon is also an ally that allows you to have whiter Teeth. The citric acid it contains […]

5 Tips for relieving wisdom teeth pain before an operation

Your decision is made: you will have your teeth removed from wisdom. How to prepare for the operation and what are the actions that relieve? The different pains related to wisdom teeth Before the extraction of a wisdom tooth using a technique that allows a quick recovery it is possible […]