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Lung Cancer: what are its symptoms and how to prevent lung cancer?

In the presence of hemoptysis (bloody spug) or chronic persistent pulmonary or general symptoms, a checkup is required to investigate a possible bronchopulmonary cancer. The diagnosis is confirmed by the analysis of tumor fragments taken by biopsy during bronchile fibroscopy. What are the symptoms of lung cancer ? Before the […]

Why are women less likely to quit smoking?

In the Face of smoking cessation, women and men do not have the same chance of success. Women are at a disadvantage. Here are the reasons. The National Institute of Drug abuse, an American addictions agency, estimates that women have a 31% less chance of quitting than men. The study […]

How to evaluate your tobacco use and your motivation to quit smoking?

If you want to quit smoking, start by making a balance sheet of your consumption and your relationship to tobacco. Also take into account your lifestyle (diet, physical activity). This step will allow you to learn more about your motivations. Take a look at your tobacco use. To get a […]

Smoker? Try this effective remedy to stop smoking quickly.

How do I stop smoking? To overcome its dependence on tobacco is a decision full of courage but not always easy to achieve. Yet there are natural and effective ways, such as kudzu. Zoom in on a product that could change your life! What is the kudzu? Kudzu is a […]

The Risks Of The electronic Cigarettes ?

Wherever we look, we discover ads on the electronic cigarette; You’ve probably seen them in kiosks and stores. Is this really the miracle solution against tobacco dependence? What are the disadvantages? What should be considered before using an electronic cigarette? There are many positive things to consider with these devices. […]

Stopping nicotine – how to survive while stopping?

It is scientifically proven that nicotine is as addictive as cocaine and heroin. But while there are treatment programs to help people who want to stop taking cocaine or heroin, tobacco smokers feel that they are lonely when it comes time to try to quit smoking. Still, there are things […]