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10 must apply tips to eat well in case of hemorrhoids

When a hemorrhoid crisis occurs, food precautions are needed. Their goals: prevent constipation, prevent the risk of anemia and improve venous tone. The hemorrhoid crisis is a common and uncomfortable pain. Changing your diet can help reduce symptoms 1 I always put fruit and vegetables on the menu They all […]

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy: what solutions?

During pregnancy, your body and blood flow are highly awry. And the risks of the appearance of hemorrhoids are more important. Zoom in on this annoying and painful disorder. Hemorrhoids refer to the tissue of the duct that has swollen. They are located on the lower part of the rectum […]

Hemorrhoids: What is it ? What are favorable factors and symptoms ?

What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids? The symptoms of Hemorrhoidal disease are associated with each other in a variable way from one person to another. They occur either acutely in the form of a hemorrhoidal crisis or on a continuous basis when the disease has been evolving for a long […]

Hemorrhoids: What is it ? What are favorable factors and symptoms ?

The factors that favor hemorrhoids. Anyone can have hemorrhoid-related symptoms at some point in their life. The risk factors for hemorrhoidal disease remain discussed. Some factors may promote or aggravate symptoms: Certain periods of life in women: pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum (post-delivery period) and premenstrual period (before menstruation); Constipation, due to: […]

Hemorrhoids: What is it ? What are favorable factors and symptoms ?

The symptoms related to hemorrhoids (bleeding, pain, prolapse…) are common and, although not serious, they are troublesome. The hemorrhoid crisis ceases in a few days but it tends to recur which can lead to daily discomfort. These disorders constitute the hemorrhoidal disease. What is hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids are a network of […]

Top 10 must know remedies for hemorrhoids

Before you turn to medications to cure hemorrhoids, here are some simple things to try right now. 1/ Get some fiber. How to treat hemorrhoids? Start by curing yourself from the inside by adopting a high-fiber diet capable of reducing bleeding and pain caused by hemorrhoids. Fill your plate with […]