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7 Effective Ways to get rid of Ingrown Hairs

I don’t need to tell you how annoying ingrown hairs can be. If you’ve ever had one you’ll know just how painful, itchy and irritating they are. According to the NHS, these pesky little things happen when “hairs have curled round and grown back into the skin”, which can lead to […]

6 remèdes pour lutter contre l’apparition prématurée des cheveux blancs

L’apparition des cheveux blancs est causée par le vieillissement de l’organisme qui se manifeste par la réduction de production de mélanine, les pigments de coloration de la peau et des cheveux. Ce phénomène est inévitable, mais il est possible de lutter contre l’apparition prématurée des cheveux blancs, et ce, grâce […]

5 Shower Mistakes That Kill Your Hair and Skin’s Health

Sometimes, no amount of tools in your makeup case seem to give you healthy looking hair or skin. Guess what, a shower can do this naturally! Gear up to learn some shower tips for healthy skin and hair and make looking good just a bath away – literally. Over the […]

Here’s How You Can Turn Gray Hair Back To Its Natural Color With Potato Skins

It is far better to treat gray hair with natural remedies as the dyes consist of chemical substances which can leech into the skin, damage them and could even result in cancer. The potatoes which are used by us regularly are also known as White potatoes due to its flesh […]

Just Apply This On Your Hair, And They Will Grow Nonstop

Today I will share an amazing hair growth remedy that will grow hair nonstop, and this remedy can resolve dandruff problem too. For this remedy, you will need: -2 Tbsp. Aloe Vera gel -2 Tbsp. Almond oil Method: -Take a clean bowl, add 2 tbsp. Aloe Vera gel and 2 […]

Just apply These Secret Tricks and Make Your Hair Look Thicker

Having long gorgeous locks has always been a dream of mine. I pictures of people with long hair and and immense amount of volume and get a pang of jealousy welling inside me.  Regardless how hard I try, there is no miracle cream that will make my hair start growing […]


Who doesn’t wish to have lustrous, thick and healthy hair? If you aren’t naturally blessed with thick hair or if you are suffering from hair issues like hair fall, stunt hair growth, hair breakage etc. its time you try some natural and effective hair remedies that can boost your hair […]

A Natural Trick That Works 100% For Hair Growth

This is a 100% natural way that will not cost you more than Rs. 10. All ingredients that we are going to use here will boost new hair growth. This mask will open blocked hair follicles and in just a few days you can notice new hair growth on your […]

5 bad haircare habits you need to break this summer

While summer is known for being a season of carefree fun in the sun, did you know that it can also be the most damaging season for our hair? Those long days basking in the summer sunlight and taking dips in the pool or the ocean can dry out your […]

What Causes An Oily Scalp And What Are The Scalp Treatments You Can Use?

An oily scalp is the result of excess sebum, natural oil that is produced by the scalp’s sebaceous glands. What causes an oily scalp? Usually, the oil presence of sebum on the scalp provides a layer of protection that is essential to keeping the skin from losing moisture and drying […]

These are 18 Super Effective Ways To Get Smooth Hair

While you battle tangles and try to tame the frizz, regular brushing and using a billion different leave-in serums don’t always seem to do the trick. Having smooth hair may start to seem likely only in dreams. However, smooth hair without tangles or frizz is not unattainable. There are two […]

Just make This Homemade Natural Shampoo For all types of Hair And forget Chemical Shampoo

Opting for natural shampoo is an ecological gesture, but also a very effective beauty gesture. Based on vegetable oil, fruits, vegetables or honey and essential oils, discover how to make your homemade shampoo through simple recipes and 100% natural! Natural shampoo: why make shampoo? The trend of natural cosmetics has […]

Just make these 5 natural recipes to grow hair and look all your lost hair regrowth again like never before !!

Having beautiful, long, thick and healthy hair is a dream for many people. Your hair is a beauty tiara on your head, but for different reasons this crown may fall. If you have given in to the scissors call and found yourself with too short hair, or if you lose […]

Use this Coconut Oil And Onion Juice For Hair Growth And see all you lost hair growth back like it’s magic !!

Why does the onion juice in external care on the scalp effectively stimulate the hair growth? It is important to understand that onion promotes blood circulation. Circulation that allows the hair follicles to be better nourished and oxygenated. It is rich in sulfur and sulfur will contribute to the regeneration […]

Only Apply these natural remedies and forget about Eczema of the scalp

Itching, dandruff, irritation… When eczema touches the skull, symptoms can be bothersome. Medical treatments as well as some natural remedies and prevention methods can help you to overcome them. In adults, scalp eczema Most often affects people aged 30 to 60 years. Almost 5% of the world’s population would be […]

Do You Have an Itchy Scalp? 5 reasons that explain the itching of the head

Scratching your head for long minutes, several times during the day, may be related to a scalp condition, allergy reaction or parasite. Learn to make a difference in order to find the most appropriate treatment for your situation. It’s hard to get out of the infernal cycle of itching once […]

These are 9 Simple Home Remedies For Dandruff Cure

The dandruff, the plague that’s in your hair. How to eradicate them with natural, fearsome and homemade products? Here are 6homemade recipes to fight dandruff. No more hair problems, you dream hair thanks to our natural dandruff care recipes! Fighting dandruff Stress, heat, temperature rise, brushing,… Our scalp is put […]

The best tips against electric hair How to get rid of electric hair: the best tips

That says lower temperatures, says (almost) inevitable return of electric hair. To limit this phenomenon, Matthew Séguier, hairdresser and founder of the Salon Séguier in Paris, delivers his unstoppable tricks. Summary: What is an electric hair? Electric hair, an almost winter phenomenon Getting rid of electric hair: the best tips […]

What is the best shampoo to use for your hair type? This is all what you need to find the best shampoo for your hair problem

To wear a beautiful hair, regular care must be given to it. And one of the main steps to achieve this result is a good wash done with the help of a shampoo adapted to its type of hair. Because depending on the nature of the hair, the choice of […]

Why is the hair dry? How to treat dry hair? what’s the best way to rinse dry hair ? These tips are very useful for you

Your hair is dry, brittle, dull? This is often due to a lack of sebum but can also result from our bad habits. To fix it, here are some good reflexes to have to take care of his dry hair. Why is the hair dry? Dry hair is a phenomenon […]

This homemade shampoo is absolutely what you need to get rid of oily hair in just few uses!!

Many women suffer from a very big problem known as: oily hair. Today we will give you the solution that you have been waiting for years. Let’s go. MyHealthyPoke offers a recipe based on essential oils of lemon and Bergamot, renowned for their purifying virtue. This shampoo can be kept […]

Just make this Jojoba Dry Hair Shampoo recipes and Your hair will never become dry again!!

No holidays and yet your hair is already burned! External aggression or hair fragility, dry hair is a real sore. How to wash them, how to rinse them, how to treat them or how to comb them, Myhealthypoke presents a simple and effective recipe for taking care of dry hair! […]

Hair cut? 4 reasons to opt for a dry cut

The cut on dry hair becomes the must in the country of hairdressers. Trend on social networks, this technique also proves to be faster and more durable. Here are 4 good reasons to opt for a dry haircut at the hairdresser. 1. Natural Important: Wash your hair before you go […]

No More Gray Hair And Hair Loss: Only 3 Ingredient are Needed

The appearance of white hair is caused by the aging of the organism which manifests itself by the reduction of melanin production, pigments of skin and hair coloring. This phenomenon is inevitable, but it is possible to combat the premature appearance of white hair, thanks to certain natural remedies. Here […]

Just Use These Vegetable powders Shampoo recipe For Healthy and Strong Hair

Dull, raplaplas or damaged hair. Maybe it’s your shampoo that’s involved. Rather than using shampoos with chemical compounds, here are some alternatives to wash your hair naturally. Sidr, Panama wood and even chickpea powders are ideal for washing their hair while protecting them! Like chickpea flour, the SIDR contains saponins […]

Use the Montmorillonite Recipe to get healthy Hair

Thanks to its strong absorbent power, the green montmorillonite clay regulates excess sebum and is particularly suitable for oily hair. associated with rosemary, it can also rid of dandruff without attacking the scalp. The recipe: In 25cl of hot water, 2 tablespoons of green clay type Montmorillonite to 5 drops […]

This is How To Make Homemade Shampoo For Your Dry Hair

1. Shampoo for Dry hair Found on the Blogzine beauty babbling, this recipe uses jojoba oil, an oil recognized for its moisturizing and restorative properties. Perfect for dry hair, this homemade shampoo will only take you a few minutes to realize. Ingredients: 25 cl of distilled water 25 cl of […]

Use Just these 2 Recipes And Forget about common Hair problems

Nourish the tips of dry hair with a vegetable oil bath When you have very damaged hair, the easiest and most effective solution is to brush your hair with vegetable oil. If they are very damaged, the pure olive oil is perfect. Wrap the hair in a bath cap or […]

Moisturizing Mask for swollen hair: honey, almond oil, avocado and banana.

This mask will help to seal and smooth the scales of your cuticles, filling any cracks. It has a forming action, ie it will coat your hair with a “lipid” sheath that will act as a barrier against moisture. The hair will be contained and protected from any swelling. This […]

Apply This Nourishing mask for dry and damaged hair You Will See The Results in Just 3 days

Most hair masks contain at least one type of vegetable oil to help the hair. There are masks for hair based on avocado oil, cocoa butter and even olive oil that you can buy. And if you make it yourself at home, you can also use these oils, not forgetting […]

What are the causes of hair loss? And How to prevent hair loss ?

Hair loss, or Alopecia, can affect men as well as women, even if men are more affected. Hair loss can be partial or total. The main causes of hair loss are: -Heredity (Alopecia Androgenetic); -Hormones (decreased female hormones or increased male hormones); Stress -chemotherapy; -Childbirth; -The change of season -The […]

Greasy Hair: 4 grandma’s remedies to apply

What are the tips for remedying oily hair? Greasy hair is not a fatality! Here are some tips from grandma to help you heal and revitalize your scalp in a natural way. What are the tips for remedying oily hair? Greasy hair is not a fatality! Here are some tips […]

Say goodbye to DANDRUFF with these homemade masks

Dandruff… a real ordeal! Some of you are probably affected by this problem. To help you eradicate them from your scalp, here are homemade recipes of home against dandruff hair masks. Anti-dandruff yogurt mask and baking soda. Bicarbonate will clean up the skull and remove dead cells, while the yogurt […]

5 tips to have perfect smooth hair

Mastering a straightener seems to be a breeze. There are some little tips to follow to get a perfectly smooth hair. gives you 5 very simple tricks to adopt. 1-Protect Your hair Before embarking on the adventure, it is essential to apply care on your mane because the warmth […]

Olive oil: 4 beauty recipes for the face, body and hair to do at home

In soap, in mask, in care… olive oil offers its vitamins and minerals whose skin, hair and nails adore. To benefit from its virtues, discover these 3 Ultras beauty recipes easy to make by yourself. Olive oil is obtained by cold pressure from the fruits of the olive tree. If […]

5 Tips to space shampoo without having oily hair

As we know, shampoos that are too frequent will damage the hair, remove them, weaken them, make them turn the colors… and push them to grease faster. All the woes of the world, basically, but with the immense advantage of guaranteeing clean hair at the exit of the shower. What […]

Your hair is extremely in need of these foods

Whether you want to take care of yourself, to give your hair a shine or to avoid losing them, all the excuses are good to nourish your hair.The scalp needs nutrients in good doses to ensure the health and hair growth. In some cases, hair loss (called alopecia) may be […]