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Magical Oil To Change White Hair To Black Naturally, Turn White Hair To Black Permanently In 7 Days Guaranteed

Today I will share the recipe for magical hair oil to convert grey hair to black naturally. Ingredients, you will need- 50ml of organic coconut oil( preferable natural coconut oil) 4 tablespoon of Indian gooseberry powder(amla powder) Method- 1. Firstly take 50 ml of pure coconut oil in a pan. Now […]

5 big benefits of changing your hair regimen

Even if you’ve been using the same hair products forever, it’s a good idea for you to switch up your hair regimen (and drop some bad hair habits along the way. This particularly applies to you if you’ve done something drastic with your hair, like color-treated it, chopped it all […]

10 tricks to make your hair look super shiny and healthy

After a long summer of salt water, humidity, heat and other stuff that’s *great* for your locks (just kidding) we put together this list of tricks to get your hair in tip-top shape—just in time for the long, dry winter ahead. 1. Know how to wash your hair the right way. The shampoo bottle may […]

I Was 23 When I Got First White Hair But Now At Age Of 44 I Don’t Have Single Gray Hair, Secret Is This Oil

Some people who knows me they always ask what is my secret of black hair because they I have actually reversed all my white hair into black without use of any chemical I use 2 different types of oil each month on alternate basis Type 1 – Coconut oil and […]

5 bad haircare habits you need to break this summer

While summer is known for being a season of carefree fun in the sun, did you know that it can also be the most damaging season for our hair? Those long days basking in the summer sunlight and taking dips in the pool or the ocean can dry out your […]

How to find the best shampoo for your hair

There are hydrating shampoos and volumizing shampoos, but which shampoo is best for your hair? The fact is, finding the right shampoo for your hair is key if you want your hair to look its very best. Below we share what sets certain formulas apart and exactly how to find […]

13 Tricks for Growing Your Hair Really, Really Long, hair growth fast

Not to totally crush your hopes and dreams, but you cannot physically grow butt-length hair overnight—or even over many nights. “Hair typically only grows a quarter inch—a half an inch max—per month,” says celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend, who helped Ashley Olsen grow out her asymmetrical bob to her waist. “And still, getting long […]

Maintaining your hair color during your summer beach vacation, Here is how

Keep Hair Color Vibrant When On The Go Have you just colored your hair to get the perfect summer look? Keeping your hair color vibrant when you’re on the go doesn’t need to be a chore. Whether you have bold red, daring black, chic brown, or flirty blonde hair, use […]

Use this recipe for baking soda shampoo to grow your hair too quickly as crazy

Baking soda is a natural product and its properties are as many as amazing. Cheap, non-toxic and easy to use, baking soda is a plurivalent product. To clean your home, relieve your heartburn, whiten your teeth, or replace your deodorant, this is an indispensable element that you should always have […]

You lost your hair? Here is How to hide your baldness smartly

The fateful loss of hair touches, sooner or later, 70% of men. A sensitive subject that often turns to obsession. However, the degarned bellboys Jude Law and Jason Statham are objects of the desire of a multitude of women. Is bald the new scalp? Guide to hairdressing to approach her […]

What is The Snake oil for skin and hair: why is everyone talking about?

Coming from Morocco, snake oil is nothing animal, rest assured! It is a mixture of several natural ingredients that makes the hair more beautiful and brighter. What hides behind snake oil? New arrival on the market of natural cosmetics, snake oil arouses interest and comments. Despite its denomination, this product […]

Fine Hair: 5 ways to boost their volume without chemicals

You have fine hair and without too much volume, and dream of a large and more glamorous hair? Follow our five tips to find a maximum volume. 1/Use Volume boosters The basis is to use suitable products for your hair type. Choose special shampoos that will boost the volume, proper […]

Dandruff ? Here are the worst 3 mistakes to avoid absolutely in case of dandruff

Tired of seeing dandruff in your hair and on your shoulders? Zoom in on the gestures that must not be compromised to see the phenomenon worsen. Dandruff in your hair or on your shoulders can push you to the end. And in those cases, you tend to draw heavy artillery […]

Just Mix Baking soda and cider vinegar and forget all hair problems

What are the virtues of baking soda for hair? Bicarbonate is a very good hair cleanser, which is why we often talk about bicarbonate shampoo. It helps to eliminate excess sebum, so it is very effective in regular use on oily hair. Bicarbonate also removes impurities, especially residues such as […]

4 good reasons to switch to solid shampoos

Popularized by the Lush brand, solid shampoo is today one of the flagship products of Beautystas. It must be said that it has many advantages. Easy to use (a little water and the tour is played), economical, ecological… It is to glide as soon as possible in your vanity! A […]

Is your hair healthy? Here are some ways to assess the condition of your hair.

Take a 10-hair lock between your fingers. Pull. If they resist, that’s a good sign. If more than 5 let go, there is a problem. Then move your hands through your hair several times, back and forth. So you remove the dead hair. They must not be more than four […]

The best tips against electric hair How to get rid of electric hair: the best tips

That says lower temperatures, says (almost) inevitable return of electric hair. To limit this phenomenon, Matthew Séguier, hairdresser and founder of the Salon Séguier in Paris, delivers his unstoppable tricks. Summary: What is an electric hair? Electric hair, an almost winter phenomenon Getting rid of electric hair: the best tips […]

What is the best shampoo to use for your hair type? This is all what you need to find the best shampoo for your hair problem

To wear a beautiful hair, regular care must be given to it. And one of the main steps to achieve this result is a good wash done with the help of a shampoo adapted to its type of hair. Because depending on the nature of the hair, the choice of […]

Why is the hair dry? How to treat dry hair? what’s the best way to rinse dry hair ? These tips are very useful for you

Your hair is dry, brittle, dull? This is often due to a lack of sebum but can also result from our bad habits. To fix it, here are some good reflexes to have to take care of his dry hair. Why is the hair dry? Dry hair is a phenomenon […]

Just make this Jojoba Dry Hair Shampoo recipes and Your hair will never become dry again!!

No holidays and yet your hair is already burned! External aggression or hair fragility, dry hair is a real sore. How to wash them, how to rinse them, how to treat them or how to comb them, Myhealthypoke presents a simple and effective recipe for taking care of dry hair! […]

Do you have white hair: All about Canitie, causes and solutions.

White or grey hair is sometimes also called “Pepper and Salt”, when part of the hair becomes white in brown people. With age the other hairs of the body whiten also and in humans also the whitened beard. We are talking about canitie to design this phenomenon of whitening hair […]

This is what will happen to your hair if you’re using baking soda regularly in the right way

Baking soda is a super-versatile. It can be used around the house for cleaning, but baking soda can also be used to treat some medical problems. Baking soda has some of the most amazing benefits for your hair. You can use baking soda instead of your usual shampoo. Hair growth […]

This Green Clay Mask Will clean all your Hair and make it healthy

Green Clay is a potent detoxifying. Therefore, why not use it to cleanse our hair? Every day, our hair is mugged. By our stress to begin with. But especially by the polluted air of the cities and by the thousands of chemicals that fly around us, from the exhaust gas […]

Only Egg White, Olive Oil and Honey are needed and your hair grow faster than ever!

An egg of 60 grams contains 7 to 8 g of protein and provides one-fifth of our daily protein needs. And this is not finished, the egg contains the 8 amino acids essential to the proper functioning of the human body. In particular, lysin and methionin, which are very little […]

Just Use this Onion juice remedy for 25 min a week and your Lost Hair will grow back again like it’s magic!

Throughout their lives, your hair is subjected to many attacks. Excessive heat, overexposure to the sun, no daily brushing or even hair care… Under these conditions, it is natural for our hair to be weakened. Therefore, the care adapted to the growth of the hair has almost become obligatory! Fortunately, […]

Hair cut? 4 reasons to opt for a dry cut

The cut on dry hair becomes the must in the country of hairdressers. Trend on social networks, this technique also proves to be faster and more durable. Here are 4 good reasons to opt for a dry haircut at the hairdresser. 1. Natural Important: Wash your hair before you go […]

Just Use these 2 Recipes and your Hair Will Grow Faster like it’s crazy!!

Because 10 millimeters a month this is really not enough here are some tips to stimulate hair growth. Yes, it was a good idea to cut your hair squared this summer. The square is beautiful, it’s trendy and practical when it’s hot but now you dream of finding your mane […]

Just use this Rosemary Rinse Water to your scalp for few days and say ADIOS to DANDRUFF forever

Tired of having dandruff? Quickly adopt this rosemary rinse water! It has been several millennia since this plant, reputed to improve the circulation of the scalp and strengthen it, is used to treat the hair. This lotion is very effective for combating dandruff and itching! All what You need is: – […]

Just Apply these 4 Tips to maintain your hair healthy in summer.

The Sun, the sea, the chlorine and the sand are all elements that attack your hair during the holidays. It is therefore essential to protect your hair so as not to be forced to go through the hairdresser’s box as soon as the holidays return. Here’s the capillary protocol to […]

Just Few Drops Of This Syrup On Your Scalp And Wait To See All Your Lost Hair Grow Back!!!

We keep bragging about the benefits of Argan oil. True skin care, this product is also a wonderful ally of the hair. Argan oil is obtained from the Argan tree, endemic to Morocco and Algeria. It is used in the kitchen as well as in cosmetics. This oil is rich […]

You Will never Ask For ANTI-Dandruff products After These 5 Natural Remedies !

What are grandma’s remedies for dandruff? How to get rid of dandruff without having to use expensive and sometimes inefficient products? Here are some natural remedies that help to remedy it. The lemon The lemon reduces the excess sebum, responsible for the arrival of dandruff. Take a plain yogurt and […]

Just Use These 2 Homemade Recipes And Forget ALL Your DRY HAIR PROBLEMS FOREVER

Homemade Dry Hair Mask Nourishing Lotion for dry hair to rinse: Mix together: -1 drop of Ylang Ylang essential oil -in 4 ml of Argan vegetable oil Apply wick to Wick after shampoo, then allow 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. To be renewed every three days. Nourishing Lotion for dry […]

What is The Best Treatment for Dry Hair ?

Dry hair: How to treat them? There are many specific treatments for dry hair, for shampoo and after shampoos, often based on avocado oil, Shea, Argan and Jojoba which have very nourishing properties. Attention to products that contain sulfates/sulphites and especially silicons because the silicone gives the illusion that the […]

How to make your hair shine in natural way?

How to make her hair shine? After your shampoo, rinse your hair with this rinse water from our grandmothers. Anti-limestone par excellence, the lemon will make your hair shine in the blink of an eye! Grandma’s recipe Squeeze the lemon juice directly into the bottle using the funnel. Fill the […]

No More Gray Hair And Hair Loss: Only 3 Ingredient are Needed

The appearance of white hair is caused by the aging of the organism which manifests itself by the reduction of melanin production, pigments of skin and hair coloring. This phenomenon is inevitable, but it is possible to combat the premature appearance of white hair, thanks to certain natural remedies. Here […]

This Baking Soda Shampoo: Your Hair Will Grow Like It is Magic

Baking soda helps to sanitize a hair that tends to quickly regrease and allows to limit the appearance of dandruff. It removes the scalp from the residues of pollution, lacquer or limestone contained in the water while shining the hair. Recipe: In a cup of lukewarm water, mix 1 to […]

10 tips for a dream hair for men

Whether they are short or long, it is not always easy to maintain our hair well. So here are some tips that should help you maintain it without overcrowding! 1) Wash your hair at the right temperature It is advisable to wash your hair in lukewarm, even cold water. As […]

Baking soda shampoo: je haar zal groeien als het magie.

Baking soda is zeker een van de gezondste ingrediënten in de wereld. Door zijn helende eigenschappen te openbaren, is zijn populariteit beduidend gestegen. Onder al het gebruik ervan, zuiveringszout kan ook gebruikt voor verbetering van haar kwaliteit. Het maakt je haar glanzend, gezond en reinigt het haar van verschillende conditioner […]

Give More Health To Your Hair By Applying This Mask

To take care of hair whether dry or greasy, masks are a good solution and here is a selection of recipes to be made in his kitchen with simple ingredients. Homemade Masks for Hair The masks are done just before they are applied, stirring and mixing if necessary all the […]

Just Make one of these 5 recipes and Say Good Bye to Dandruff forever!

The dandruff, the plague that’s in your hair. How to eradicate them with natural, fearsome and homemade products? Here are 10 homemade recipes to fight dandruff. No more hair problems, you dream hair thanks to our natural dandruff care recipes! Fight against dandruff. Stress, heat, temperature rise, blow-drying,… our scalp […]

Use Just these 2 Recipes And Forget about common Hair problems

Nourish the tips of dry hair with a vegetable oil bath When you have very damaged hair, the easiest and most effective solution is to brush your hair with vegetable oil. If they are very damaged, the pure olive oil is perfect. Wrap the hair in a bath cap or […]

Moisturizing Mask for swollen hair: honey, almond oil, avocado and banana.

This mask will help to seal and smooth the scales of your cuticles, filling any cracks. It has a forming action, ie it will coat your hair with a “lipid” sheath that will act as a barrier against moisture. The hair will be contained and protected from any swelling. This […]

Apply This Nourishing mask for dry and damaged hair You Will See The Results in Just 3 days

Most hair masks contain at least one type of vegetable oil to help the hair. There are masks for hair based on avocado oil, cocoa butter and even olive oil that you can buy. And if you make it yourself at home, you can also use these oils, not forgetting […]

Wash dry or fragile hair with Marseille soap, step by step

For dry or fragile hair that tends to be dull, washing your hair with the Marseille soap will bring strength and shine to your hair. Prepare the mixture Before making the shampoo, prepare a mixture based on Marseille soap, Argan Oil and honey. At the water bath or in the […]

Make a vinegar-based conditioner at home

When one has long hair, or half long, it is not always obvious to untangle them after the shampoo. And if you pass the comb or the brush in any tangled hair, you risk to weaken them, to break them or to pull them out. To facilitate the untangling, the […]

Use Baking Soda For Your Hair and Forget About Hair Problems

Baking soda is praised in many areas such as cosmetics, food and oral health. Inexpensive and multi functional, it can be used safely on the scalp and dramatically improve the quality. Let’s get to the point. Caution: Baking soda should not be confused with caustic soda (sodium hydroxide). Unlike bicarbonate, […]

This is how to use COFFEE GROUNDS To Make Beauty Treatments at Home

The coffee grounds are much appreciated by the skin and hair for its detoxifying and exfoliating properties. Ideal for making beauty treatments at home. 1/coffee grounds for mature or tired skins The coffee grounds are the ally of mature or tired skins because it has a boosting effect on the […]

Just Add These Ingredients To Your shampoo and Say Good by To Hair Problems

The shampoos we buy are often filled with chemicals (silicons, sulfates, Parables…) The latter attack our hair in the long term. Prefer organic shampoos, or at least shampoos without silicone and/or parabens. In order to give more life to your hair, here are several natural ingredients to incorporate in your […]

Use Nigel’s oil for the skin.

Do you have dry, sensitive or delicate skin? Nigel’s oil is made for you. Stemming from the seeds of the flower of the same name, it has soothing virtues, calms the irritations and nourishes the epidermis to give it flexibility. But that’s not all, it is also known to prevent […]

7 ingrédients à ajouter dans votre prochain masque pour des cheveux sains et forts

Les masques capillaires sont des produits capillaires réparateurs et nourrissants remplis d’huiles, de beurres et d’autres humectants pour prendre vos efforts de conditionnement au niveau suivant. Tout au long de la journée nos cheveux peuvent souffrir-éruptions, queues de poney serrées, coloration, et l’exposition aux éléments défier nos cheveux sur une […]