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Cold hands: Signs and symptoms cold hands ? What are the causes of cold hands ?

Having cold hands even when you’re not in a cold environment is common. Often, having cold hands is a part of your body’s natural response to regulate your body temperature and shouldn’t be cause for concern. But if you have persistently cold hands, particularly if accompanied by color changes, it […]

4 tips to take care of your nose

The nose filters the air before it arrives to the lungs, moistens it and heats it up. It serves as a barrier to pollution, dust and microbes. It ensures the smell and takes part in the taste… So we’re thinking about taking care of it every day. You learn to […]

Pollen allergy: 15 reflexes to avoid hay fever.

That says reappearance of the beautiful days, says great return of sensitivities to pollen. So, to protect yourself from seasonal allergic rhinitis, discover 15 urgent reflexes to adopt! Whether they live in the city or in the countryside, people who are allergic to pollen are not spared. As soon as […]

5 habits that will make you sick this winter! Number 3 is common!!

Many studies show that our lifestyles influence the quality of our immune response (our ability to fight infections). Here are the habits to be avoided if you do not want to get sick this winter. Dead-hand washing When we know that 80% of microbes pass through the hands, we understand […]

How to treat a cold or flu?

Colds and flu are both common and mostly benign illnesses. In general, there is no point in going to a doctor to treat a flu or a cold, since the medications he prescribes are most often offered to the pharmacy without prescription. Indeed, antibiotics can do nothing against viruses! An […]

Cold sores: 5 home remedies to apply.

Fatigue, stress or simple arrival of winter: Herpes, also known as the cold sore, tends to reappear these days. Especially since it is a contagious virus! To calm the onset of a cold sore, remedies may already be in your cupboards! Here is a roundup of 5 natural tricks to […]

Foods to be preferred or avoided in case of cold.

When a cold is caught, some foods can help us clear the airways and strengthen our immune system, while others may cause inflammation and aggravate the symptoms. A bowl of steaming soup on the table and a cup of ginger tea are not the only meals you have the right […]