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5 Parenting Behaviors That Can Stop Children From Being Successful

When you become a parent, you should realize that you play an important role in upbringing your child. You shape the way your little one will act for the rest of his life and you are the one who is responsible for his future. -We all received our personal traits […]

Not more than two hours of screen daily for the intellect of children!

Staying more than two hours a day in front of a screen affects the cognitive development of the child, say Canadian researchers. Limiting the time spent by children in front of a smartphone, tablet or computer screen would promote their intellectual abilities. On the other hand, a screen overdose would […]

5 methods to help children relax.

Relaxation, Cardiac coherence, meditation… Here are 5 methods to test to help a child relax, at school and at Home. This will reduce his anxiety, improve his concentration, lessen anger and frustration and boost his self-esteem.   1-full Consciousness Meditation Studies on the effects of meditation in children accumulate and […]

8 Natural anti fever tips for kids

Against their child’s fever, too many parents still administer paracetamol in a systematic manner in combination with Ibuprofen. This often abusive medication involves risks and for a few tenths of a fever it is really not necessary since there are good anti fever perfectly natural tricks. Explanations… Childhood fever: Paracetamol […]

6 activities to propose to your teen to change his video games

Your teen spends her days in front of his console or pc? Apart from the thumb and forefinger, restless frantically on the gamepad or the keyboard, your child lack of activities at home or outside? Here are seven activities to offer for him to divert the eyes of the screen! […]

All what you must know about your baby’s first teeth

A small mouth with small teeth of milk scattered, all moms will agree: it’s really cute. When do they appear? How to relieve our baby during the teething? Here are our tips. Your child has red cheeks, he more saliva that usual, he cries, he has damaged buttocks… no doubt, […]

10 tips to pass the love of reading to your children

Reading is not only school. Certainly, your child learns to read with his mistress, but it’s from you that he will take taste! 1. it is never too early to familiarise your child with the world of books. As soon as he sits, you can put books in the hands. […]

What is the right diet for a 4 month old baby?

Your baby has 4 months and you want to start diversifying her diet? Keep in mind that your Loulou is still very young and that you will be able to introduce only very few new flavors in his diet. Baby feeding at 4 months: how is it growing? A 4-month-old […]

Can I have a baby after my forty years ?

You’ve blown your forty candles for a few months, or a few years. Yet the desire to have a child pinches you. The call of motherhood is increasingly pressing. What are the benefits, dangers and disadvantages of a late pregnancy? Significant benefits: stability and maturity A child after 40 years […]

Are they fake or real contractions?

Throughout the pregnancy, one wonders about contractions. Is this a real one? We wouldn’t want the work to start prematurely. Will I differentiate the false from the real work? Will I know when the time is right to leave for the hospital? The false contractions, also called Braxton Hicks contractions […]

Romantic gestures to spice up everyday life

After the euphoria of the beginning, romantic relationships often become monotony. For most couples, the routine seems to take precedence over passion: the family and professional obligations, the habit and the small daily torments sometimes make us forget the romance… Even if we all know that it is essential to […]

10 golden tips for young parents

Young parents are looking for what’s best for their children. Unfortunately, the news reminds us regularly how our planet is in danger. How to act at its own level? Is it possible to participate, even on a small scale, to the preservation of our environment? Can we protect children from […]