An amazing chocolate cake without butter!

Who would not crack for a chocolate cake: strong in taste, Fluffy and simple to make. But often one can have scruples to use a part… Let’s discover today a recipe that should please more than one: the chocolate cake without butter… with a mystery ingredient! It’s Wednesday and this […]

I need iron, what should I eat?

To avoid deficiencies, a good diet is enough for most of the Time. Here is the review of food rich in iron, by large families “eat your spinach, They are rich in iron”… How many children have heard this chorus. Because popular wisdom knows it well, iron is indispensable to […]

Are you tired? Don’t listen to what you’re told!

A recent study published by the journal Nature has shown that when you lack sleep, you are more inclined to listen to the advice of others… even if they are wrong! A sleep study highlights that we are more inclined to follow the advice, good or bad, of others when […]

Top 5 destinations to celebrate Halloween in Europe

Who knocks on your door…? Halloween is coming soon! Far from the big American festivals, Europe does not have to fade and offers many opportunities to Shiver. And then, let’s say it… Dracula is already pale enough! Here is a small concentrate of the 5 best places to be on […]

Grandma’s Remedies against the Blues

Our grandmothers used different natural remedies to alleviate bruises and bruises. Discover their secrets quickly! Arnica and the cold: the miracle remedies against the Blues The anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of Arnica (arnica Montana) have a radical effect on the pain associated with a stroke. The flowers of this plant […]

8 Natural anti fever tips for kids

Against their child’s fever, too many parents still administer paracetamol in a systematic manner in combination with Ibuprofen. This often abusive medication involves risks and for a few tenths of a fever it is really not necessary since there are good anti fever perfectly natural tricks. Explanations… Childhood fever: Paracetamol […]

5 HALLOWEEN movies For those who hate horror movies

While some are celebrating for the treats, others to put on their best costumes or to play tricks to the neighbors, we take advantage to (re) see our best classics of horror Cinema. obviously, any scary movie would be for a successful evening on this October 31st… But not all […]


When asked to talk about a trip in the desert, what images directly come you to mind? You think maybe a caravan of camels crossing of dunes of golden sand. You can also imagine crossing feet a lunar landscape with an oasis in focus or point at the wheel of […]

6 activities to propose to your teen to change his video games

Your teen spends her days in front of his console or pc? Apart from the thumb and forefinger, restless frantically on the gamepad or the keyboard, your child lack of activities at home or outside? Here are seven activities to offer for him to divert the eyes of the screen! […]

All what you must know about your baby’s first teeth

A small mouth with small teeth of milk scattered, all moms will agree: it’s really cute. When do they appear? How to relieve our baby during the teething? Here are our tips. Your child has red cheeks, he more saliva that usual, he cries, he has damaged buttocks… no doubt, […]

10 tips to pass the love of reading to your children

Reading is not only school. Certainly, your child learns to read with his mistress, but it’s from you that he will take taste! 1. it is never too early to familiarise your child with the world of books. As soon as he sits, you can put books in the hands. […]

3 recipes to celebrate Halloween ;

Pop cakes of Halloween; To prepare a twenty pop cakes (25 g), you will need: 125 g butter, 200 g of chocolate milk, 50 g of hazelnuts in powder, 3 eggs, 125 g sugar, 100 g of flour, 150 g of cheese (Philadelphia Cream (, Saint-Moret), a bag of Candy […]

6 tips from grandmother to combat Oral thrush;

When we think of mycoses, those that affect the vagina, or even nails come immediately to mind. Yet, the mouth is not at rest and is frequently affected. In most cases, there is the appearance of thrush, a small whitish deposit that tingling, burning and spreads. This can interfere with […]

5 tips to make brown spots disappear on your hands.

Over time, because of aging or exposure to the sun, brown spots may appear here and there on the HANDS. however, These stains are not a fatality: they can easily be attenuated with the help of natural ingredients! Focus on 5 tips to make brown spots disappear on your hands. […]

What is the right diet for a 4 month old baby?

Your baby has 4 months and you want to start diversifying her diet? Keep in mind that your Loulou is still very young and that you will be able to introduce only very few new flavors in his diet. Baby feeding at 4 months: how is it growing? A 4-month-old […]

How to get rid of the smell of onion or garlic on your fingcers?

Essential to raise the flavor of your small dishes, onion and garlic leave odors o how unpleasant and stubborn on the Fingers. Enough to spoil the rest of your day! To avoid leaving these odors on your way, discover some natural tricks to effectively neutralize them and keep a healthy […]

Ear Hair: How to eradicate them?

In order to make the hairs in the ears more discreet, the first solution is to dye them. This option is inexpensive and especially the effects are Immediate. Get a kit for discoloring facial hair. You can of course choose a kit for the moustache! Follow the instructions to the […]

10 surprising uses of toothpaste!!

If you still think that toothpaste is only used to wash your teeth, this trick is for YOU. Here are ten clever uses of toothpaste that very few people know and yet are very useful. I’m Sure you’ll adopt Several šŸ™‚ 1. Reseal the holes of nails or bedbugs in […]

10 tips to be fit!

1) Sleep well! To be fit, It’s simple… you must first of all sleep well! Not easy for you? Be sure to eat light and avoid alcohol, tea, and coffee at night. Plants like Hawthorn and passiflore can also help you join the arms of Morpheus. 2) hydrate! Your body […]

5 Tips for relieving wisdom teeth pain before an operation

Your decision is made: you will have your teeth removed from wisdom. How to prepare for the operation and what are the actions that relieve? The different pains related to wisdom teeth Before the extraction of a wisdom tooth using a technique that allows a quick recovery it is possible […]

8 criteria for choosing a dog’s breed well

The choice of the breed of his dog must take into account several factors: 1. Aesthetic Assessment Opt for the breed of dog that you like most or, if it is a crusader, choose one of which you appreciate the appearance, without following the fashion and especially without neglecting to […]

GO out with a dog or STAY home with a cat ?

In love with animals, you like dogs as much as cats, and do not know if you should choose a doggie or a tomcat instead? Unfortunately we are not all fortunate enough to be able to accommodate many animals, and this is a real dilemma! Dogs and cats are extremely […]

Rules: The 6 foods you should really eat

On our site, we constantly repeat again and again how much food is an important part of our daily health. Indeed, it is it that gives us the energy to face the difficult days and that helps us in part to fight diseases. But it is often less recognized that […]

A simple trick to limit hair loss for cats and dogs

You love more than all your pet and its soft coat. But finding hair everywhere is a real sore. They encrusted everywhere and especially where they are not expected. We’re cleaning a place and it’s already covered in hair! You are careful, but a hair always happens to slip into […]

The technique to know for a refrigerator that consumes less

There was a time when we used different techniques to conserve food. Drying them is a very ancient process that can be found from antiquity and the curing of the Roman is among the most famous. In the Caribbean and Guyana, hunters and fishermen always use the smoke-like noise. All […]

The awesome quirky trick against fragrant feet and sweating

With nearly 250 000 sweat glands, the arch hasn’t really put any chances on its side moisture and odors! The bacteria present on the skin love this perspiration to develop joyfully and it is then the catastrophe for our nose that must undergo this (not to mention that of others). […]

Instead of throwing the melon seeds, make it a delicious aperitif!

Melon is an essential fruit in the summer. With its sweet aromas, it makes the happiness of small and large and brings a good dose of hydration thanks to its richness in water. Last year we gave you the secrets to choose it well. This year, discover that it is […]

Eat the skin of the kiwi: Another preposterous idea of the Internet?

As for the skin, not all the fruits are housed in the same sign. You don’t get annoyed to bite an apple without peeling it, but for pineapple or watermelon, there’s no one (and you’re right!). For pineapple, it’s more complicated. To see the hairy skin of a doubtful brown, […]

Otitis: A granny remedy that really relieves

Otitis is recognized with certain symptoms such as pulsatile pain (in connection with the heartbeat), flows, buzzing, headaches and dizziness, corks… Unfortunately for some ears, they can be repeated and prevent you from closing your eyes. This is particularly the case in children under the age of six who have […]

3 tips to keep a lemon in the best way :)

Lemon is often mentioned in our household tips or in the composition of certain cosmetics. This food is the small acid touch perfect for dishes and these properties make it an indispensable everyday. However, one can blame him for not being necessarily given and we do not always use it […]

The quick recipe for homemade powder matifying 100% Natural

When you think about homemade products, you think of beauty masks or household products, but rarely make-up products! It’s a pity, because it’s good for example in our cupboards that we find the best ingredients to formulate its own powder matifying. It contains flour for the smoothing, unifying, velvety and […]

The recipe for an excellent peel-off charcoal mask to clean the pores and remove blackheads

Peel-off masks are very fun to use with this film as if it were a second skin! It is both strange and playful, but what is even more appreciable is that it makes a difference on the skin. That is why using coal is a good idea: it is wonderful […]

8 easy tips to reduce Night Cramps

Many people suffer from night cramps, especially once the course is fifty or sixty years past! The first time that this type of acute muscular contracture takes us in full sleep, it has something to surprise as the discomfort, even the pain, does not leave us so soon and then […]

Burn: 3 Popular remedies on the net to never apply!!

When you talk about Burns, you can quickly have a fire in your head with great flames and terrible consequences, but it can also be small wounds from the everyday life caused by a stupid domestic accident. Who has never made a blunder and been burned by a contact with […]

Do you have an old cat? These 5 tips are valuable to you!

When a cat is about ten years old, the weight of age is getting more and more felt (and we’re not talking about that weight gain or slimming that it spawns). One realizes that his sight, his smell and his hearing are no longer what they were in the past […]

10 tips to apply when you have soft nails

When you have soft nails, it is almost impossible to let them grow long because they break all the time! This can be very annoying, but these 10 tips will help you to make them stronger. 1. have a diet rich in iron An iron deficiency can cause soft nail […]

10 foods that give buttons, chocolate is among them !!

Horror, a big white button pushes on your Chin? Rather than emptying the tube brokeĀ®, have you thought about changing your diet? Yes, having beautiful skin anti acne also passes through the plate! The proof with these 10 foods that favor the appearance of buttons… 1 / chocolate You’re gaga […]

Your hips are wide,This is how to choose your pants?

  In thisĀ  case, must draw the eye other than on our hips. We avoid so Garish colors, dark colors are known to thin. It also limits the port of the pattern as the horizontal stripes, which tend to expand. At the Cup level, the ideal is a normal, neither […]

How do I know if I have cancer?

We almost all know someone who has a CANCER. Most often, no one has seen it coming, at best you said to yourself, well, there’s something wrong. Are there any signs that need to worry you? Is it possible to learn to find clues in the other and at home […]

5 excellent Moroccan dishes to taste absolutely

Rich in taste and taste and skilfully spicy, Moroccan cuisine is one of the most famous in the world. The diversity of its dishes is equal to that of its influences: Arabic, Berber, Moris, Jewish, African and even, Asian! Whether they are cooked on the occasion of festivities or daily […]

Are you single? Here are 10 ideas to keep in mind.

1 You parent’s house is your house too, so don’t be in a hurry to get out of. 2 Your life started when you was born, Do not wait for a man to start it, you can live a fulfilled life as a single woman 3 move away from alcohol […]

3 tips to keep your skin clean perfectly

1-to have a beautiful skin Whether it’s the face of a woman or a man, the first thing to do is to quit smoking. Tobacco is the main enemy of the skin. The cigarette makes the complexion dull and digs the wrinkles. 2-against the blurred complexion Against the blurred complexion, […]

Can I have a baby after my forty years ?

You’ve blown your forty candles for a few months, or a few years. Yet the desire to have a child pinches you. The call of motherhood is increasingly pressing. What are the benefits, dangers and disadvantages of a late pregnancy? Significant benefits: stability and maturity A child after 40 years […]

Attention please!! This is not a JAZZ festival.. It’s a Moroccan wedding!!

In Morocco, the wedding ceremony gives rise to big festivals, which can last from three days to a week and are more or less costly depending on the means of the family, but still very visual, with beautiful clothes and jewellery. Indeed, Moroccan women always attend traditional weddings dressed in […]

Don’t look anywhere else! That’s how you prepare Moroccan mint tea ;)

In the MAGHREB countries (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria), mint tea is a welcome ritual. It is offered as soon as you arrive in a place to welcome you and welcome you: a delightful relaxing moment. Many mint tea recipes In every family, mint tea has a different flavor. It will depend […]

Are they fake or real contractions?

Throughout the pregnancy, one wonders about contractions. Is this a real one? We wouldn’t want the work to start prematurely. Will I differentiate the false from the real work? Will I know when the time is right to leave for the hospital? The false contractions, also called Braxton Hicks contractions […]

Romantic gestures to spice up everyday life

After the euphoria of the beginning, romantic relationships often become monotony. For most couples, the routine seems to take precedence over passion: the family and professional obligations, the habit and the small daily torments sometimes make us forget the romance… Even if we all know that it is essential to […]

Your hair is extremely in need of these foods

Whether you want to take care of yourself, to give your hair a shine or to avoid losing them, all the excuses are good to nourish your hair.The scalp needs nutrients in good doses to ensure the health and hair growth. In some cases, hair loss (called alopecia) may be […]

10 golden tips for young parents

Young parents are looking for what’s best for their children. Unfortunately, the news reminds us regularly how our planet is in danger. How to act at its own level? Is it possible to participate, even on a small scale, to the preservation of our environment? Can we protect children from […]

Top 10 things that we don’t know about Morocco ?

Friend, brother, cousin germain, the Morocco people is far from an unknown for French who are each year nearly 2 million to spend their holiday. Finally what we believe. Thank you Allah, there’s still a few things to discover, unusual, funny, or quite simply misunderstood. Sometimes this is not far […]