How to treat the saltpeter once and for all?

To remove the saltpeter, here is the procedure:

Rub the wall with a brush
Seal the holes with a coating
Pass a special coating against the saltpeter
Go to finishing (tapestry, painting…)
Is it possible to treat the saltpeter yourself?
To overcome the saltpeter, you will have to get rid of the hair lifts. If you don’t, white deposits will come back sooner or later. The injection of resin is not complicated to make from the technical point of view. But in practice it is much more complicated. As a study has shown, the choice of resin in relation to masonry is decisive.

Plus, how are you going to replace your own ventilation system? How will you choose the most suitable type of VMC? You will have understood: to treat the saltpeter, it is better to be helped by a professional of the sector. He will be able to offer you a winning strategy against moisture.

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