How to make your breasts grow bigger naturally? Only 4 magical plants are needed

3. Massage

Research has shown that your breast size can increase with regular massage. How does massaging the breasts help to make it grow bigger? Well it works in two ways

  • It increases Blood Circulation around the breasts
  • It stretches the tissues within the breast region to bring about bigger and firmer breasts.

So try to make massaging your breasts a daily routine. Get natural oils (like Olive oil or Almond oil) to get the perfect massage.

Start off by rubbing the oil between your palms for a few minutes till you start to feel the heat between your palms.
Proceed to placing your hands on your breasts and rub inwards, continuing around your breasts in a Circular direction.
Do this for as long as you can twice daily: First thing in the morning, and last thing in the night.

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