Hair Transplant : What is it? Everything you want to know about Hair Plantation

Hair Transplant: what specialty?
Plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery is the specialty involved in hair transplants.
Plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery is designed to repair, rebuild or improve the appearance of the body at birth or as a result of an accident, illness or intervention.

Plastic and reconstructive surgery really began to exist with the return of the front of the soldiers of the first and Second World War. Today, it has a place in the treatment of scars, post-cancer re-buildings (especially breast cancer), congenital malformations.

Cosmetic surgery, on the other hand, involves people who wish to change their appearance without any real pathology.

It is based on the individual appreciation of the aesthetic or unsightly character of certain parts of the body.

It is only in very rare exceptions reimbursed by the social security, contrary to the interventions of reconstructive surgery.

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