Hair Transplant : What is it? Everything you want to know about Hair Plantation

Hair Transplant: before operation

A pre-operative protocol is proposed and it is essential to respect it.
There must be at least two medical consultations with the surgeon who will practice micro-grafts. He will conduct an in-depth interrogation to review your personal, family history and assess the appropriate treatment strategy.

It will eventually prescribe a blood test and a treatment to be taken prior to the procedure.

A legal period of 15 days must be respected between the first consultation and the surgical procedure. This delay allows you not to decide the operation in haste, but also to put into practice the recommendations of the surgeon to ensure the smooth running of the intervention.

During the two weeks preceding the intervention:

No medications containing aspirin should be taken;
Ongoing treatments should be reported to the surgeon;
Quitting smoking is recommended because of the risk of necrosis associated with smoking.
On the day of surgery, wash your hair with a mild shampoo and do not apply any additional product.

If the doctor chooses to operate under general anesthesia, you must present yourself on an empty stomach, that is to say eat nothing or drink at least 6 hours before the procedure.

Intervention can be performed at any age (after 18 years).

Depending on the stage of evolution of baldness, it may however be discouraged.

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