Coconut oil, a multifunctional beauty care

How to use it?
With its soothing and protective virtues and its natural and very sweet fragrance, coconut oil is perfect for taking care of our skin. It can be applied to the face if the skin is dry and damaged or to prevent chapping and crevices. You can use it as pure oil on the skin but also combined with essential oils in order to boost its action or according to the various effects sought.

For the body, you can use it as an oil, nourishing balm for rough skins and lack of elasticity or even as exfoliating balm. This vegetable oil can be used as an after-sun repair treatment. In addition, it enters the making of homemade soaps as it increases the foaming effect and brings smoothness.

On the hair side, it can be used as a hair care and can go into the making of shampoos or masks for dry, dull and forked hair. More simply, it is possible to coat the hair and especially the spikes, to massage them then to wrap the hair in a warm towel and to leave to act several hours before rinsing and making a shampoo. It also helps to nourish and tame the sometimes too rebellious wicks of curly, curly, and Afro-style hair, to which it provides ethnic care. It can also be used in maintenance for normal hair.

Coconut oil can make the nails stronger and help remove the cuticles easily. Just massage the nails and their contour with a few drops of oil and let act for a few minutes to find nice soft hands and hydrated with reinforced nails.

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