Clean your skin with micellar water

Remove makeup and clean your skin at the same time, it’s possible! Micellar water, this fresh and very light makeup remover on the skin, has many advantages, especially for sensitive skin. The beautiful address guides you in your choice!
Why choose micellar water?
There are a very large number of makeup remover: milk, oil, cream, gel…

Among all this choice, micellar water is distinguished by its special mixture of water and very fine particles of oil, also called micelles. They are the ones that eliminate both the makeup and all the impurities of the skin, including the sebum.

The benefits of micellar water
Micellar water is all in one and removes makeup! It is therefore the perfect formula for pressed women, who want in a stroke of cotton to get rid of their eye makeup, skin and lips.

Micellar water removes makeup, but it cleans too! In one gesture, you do the two essential skin care steps.

Finally, it is devoid of perfume, SOAP and other ingredients that can be aggressive to the skin, especially if it is already sensitive. Thanks to its non-comedogenic formula, it respects all skin types.

How to choose a micellar water?
Like all other products in your bathroom, micellar water should be chosen according to your skin type.

If it is particularly suitable for sensitive skins, it still exists in several formulas that adapt to the characteristics of each.

Some micellar waters are intended for oily skin, others with irritated skin… In short, there are some specifically purifying and others rather soothing. And organic enthusiasts can even turn to a 100% eco-friendly declination!

Note that micellar water is not ideal for eliminating waterproof makeup. If you are adept, choose an oil, which will be more effective and avoid rubbing and therefore create unnecessary irritations!

How to use micellar water?
Thanks to its mild formula, micellar water can be used daily, morning and evening.

Pour it on a cotton that you gently pass on your skin. It is advisable to repeat the operation a second time with a new cotton to remove all impurities and makeup residues.

Micellar water normally does not need to be rinzed, but occasionally it leaves a slightly sticky sensation on the skin, which some may find unpleasant. In order to correct and complete the cleansing phase thoroughly, you can use a thermal water spray.

It’s easy to make your makeup easy thanks to micellar water, which will cleanse your skin while respecting it!

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