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The 7 menstrual hygiene mistakes you are probably making everyday

It’s no secret that most women have experienced pain during their periods, ranging from mild to debilitating. But as Menstrual Hygiene Day, observed on May 28th, aims to point out, what we do and how we care (or don’t care) for ourselves during our periods can cause health problems and pain to […]

Ingrown toenails : Symptoms Causes Complications and Prevention of Ingrown toenails

Ingrown toenails are a common condition in which the corner or side of a toenail grows into the soft flesh. The result is pain, redness, swelling and, sometimes, an infection. Ingrown toenails usually affect your big toe. Often you can take care of ingrown toenails on your own. If the […]

What natural or home remedies cure canker sores?

In most cases, canker sores do not require any treatment, and there is nothing specific you need to do to get rid of a canker sore because it usually will heal on its own. Home remedies can be used to help relieve pain and inflammation of canker sores. If a […]

Top 10 Home remedies for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are one of the most common conditions, however, being in a “taboo” area many people suffer in silence. If you have pain, inflammation or itching, here we present several homemade painkillers that, according to popular wisdom, can relieve these ailments. Look what they are and how to use them, but also […]

How to avoid swollen eyelids: 4 tips for preventing swollen eyes

A swollen eyelid occurs when there is inflammation or excess fluid (edema) in the connective tissues surrounding the eye. Swollen eyes may or may not be painful, and the condition can affect both the upper and lower eyelids. There are many causes of a swollen eye, including eye infections, eye injuries or trauma, […]

Sedentary lifestyle associated with double mortality risk: Study

Washington: Researchers have found that a sedentary lifestyle for two decades is linked to two times increases in the risk of premature death as compared to those who lead a healthy life. The study was presented at ESC Congress 2019. “To get the maximum health benefits of physical activity in […]

4 Easy Grandmas remedies You Can Make To Get Rid Of A Cold Sore

Cold sores can be painful and embarrassing, but these tips can help you get rid of them fast! Today’s post covers a subject that I’ve received a lot of questions about over the years: cold sores. The cause and treatment of cold sores is a topic that many people don’t […]

What is abscess infection ? Symptoms of an abscess ? How to prevent a skin abscess ?

An abscess is a painful collection of pus, usually caused by a bacterial infection. Abscesses can develop anywhere in the body.This article focuses on two types of abscess: skin abscesses – which develop under the skin internal abscesses – which develop inside the body, in an organ or in the […]

Vaginal thrush : what is it ? Symptoms of vaginal thrush? Treatment for vaginal thrush ?

Summary Thrush is caused by an overgrowth of yeast known as Candida albicans. Vaginal creams and pessaries help reduce candida overgrowth and ease thrush symptoms. Thrush outbreaks, while uncomfortable, do not cause any long-term health issues. Consult your doctor if you have recurrent thrush. Vaginal thrush is a common infection caused […]

Top Herbs to Boost Your Body’s Wellness

At Himalaya, many ancient herbs are processed using modern technology. The end result is high quality, well-researched products that are well placed to support the user’s health in many different ways. The following are some of our products and the herbs used to produce them. Ashwagandha Ashwagandha is now acknowledged […]

6 Vaginal Secrets Every Women Should Know To Avoid Vaginal Infections

There are several gynecological secrets that every woman should know in order to avoid potential vaginal infections. The desire for s** can be reduced due to the pills for birth control According to experts, many women who take pills for birth control cause decreased lib*do. This does not apply only to women […]

The top cholesterol-lowering foods to know

Have you ever thought about reducing your excess cholesterol? First, know how to distinguish between good and bad cholesterol. With these five natural cholesterol-lowering foods, you’ll finally find the pleasure of cooking and eating healthily. Be aware that it is important to have a balanced diet to avoid problems caused […]

5 Tips to Remedy Ingrown Toenails

It’s no fun to take your shoes off after a long day and get no relief because your toe—often your big toe—keeps hurting. You sit down to get a closer look. The skin bordering your nail bed is red, irritated and swollen. It’s painful and tender to the touch. You […]

How to Get Rid of Blackheads on Your Nose, Chin and Forehead;15 simple and effective tips for removing blackheads

I’ve been in a war against blackheads since I first discovered Bioré pore strips back in high school. Seeing that black gunk is just so satisfying! According to facialist Cecilia Wong from Cecilia Wong Skincare in New York City, those tiny dots are a sign you need to treat your skin ASAP. “A blackhead […]

3 Oils You Have At Home That Can Quickly Thicken And Grow Back Eyebrow Hair

Perfectly shaped eyebrows highlight one’s face and personality. We all are aware of how bold eyebrows have become a rage, and yet not too long back, pencil-thin eyebrows dominated the style industry. Now thicker eyebrows are back in trend. In fact, you can see women sporting them on the silver screens and fashion […]

Make This Trick to Remove Bad Smell from Your Vagina Immediately

Every female has a natural vaginal scent that can change throughout her menstrual cycle. A strong odor however, can be a sign of an infection, particularly if she is sexually active. Certain sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) such as trichomoniasis can cause a different odor. A woman’s vagina is naturally filled with bacteria […]

What causes cellulitis ?

Cellulitis is a skin infection that’s treated with antibiotics. It can be serious if it’s not treated quickly. Cellulitis is usually caused by a bacterial infection. The bacteria can infect the deeper layers of your skin if it’s broken – for example, because of an insect bite or cut, or […]

How genital herpes is passed on ? Why genital herpes comes back ?

Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) passed on through vaginal, anal and oral sex. Treatment from a sexual health clinic can help. Symptoms clear up on their own but can come back. Genital herpes is very easy to pass on (contagious) from the first tingling or itching of […]

Sciatica: What are the right reflexes and the cases where you should consult

Sciatica is a pain of the lower limb located along the path of the sciatic nerve. Her treatment is medicated with possible rehabilitation. Preventing its occurrence requires hygienic-dietary rules and the adoption of good positions. In case of sciatica, it is important to know the right steps and positions to […]

Baby Project: What natural solutions to boost your fertility?

The arrival of a child is often the project of a life. So when it is late to come, this desire can become a real ordeal. To give mother Nature a boost and enhance your fertility, here are some natural solutions, recommended by Carmen Tanguy, a certified and validated Shiatsu […]

6 Ways to Get Rid of Those Annoying Blackheads On your Face : grandma anti-blackheads tips

Blackheads are one of the most common forms of acne. Although people who have oily skin are more vulnerable to blackheads, anyone can get them. They form when pores become clogged with a combination of dead skin cells and excess oil (sebum) from your sebaceous glands. Unlike whiteheads, which create closed […]

Top Simple Tips to know to shrink large pores easily

Two of the most persistent and difficult skin problems to treat are blackheads and enlarged pores. Most skincare products or treatments do provide a temporary improvement, but they only make your skin problems worse in the long run. Here you can read some tips on how to treat blackheads and […]

11 simple and effective tips for removing blackheads

Blackheads have taken up residence on certain areas of your skin, specifically on your nose, perhaps even elsewhere, and you have a hard time getting rid of them? Thankfully, there are several methods to eliminate them, and prevent their (re)appearance. From innovative products to grandma’s recipes, lotions and scrubs, here […]

How To Get Rid Of Gingivitis At Home Using Baking soda ?

Gingivitis is caused by plaque build-up in the teeth, which is basically a build-up of bacteria. This plaque is made up of bacteria, food debris, and mucus. Poor dental hygiene is one of the main reasons for plaque build-up, which leads to gingivitis. Other factors that increase the risk of […]

This is How to relieve itchy skin in Summer Without chemicals

There are many reasons for itchy skin. It could be the result of a skin condition, such as eczema, shingles, hives, or psoriasis, or it could be a sign of a contagious disease, like scabies or ringworm. To help soothe itchy skin, dermatologists recommend the following tips: Apply a cold, wet cloth or ice pack to the […]


Osteoarthritis of the hip, or coxarthrosis, is a wear and tear then a destruction of the cartilage of the joint located at the top of the thigh, between the femur and the pelvis (joint coxo-femoral). It is a chronic disease that is often annoying on a daily basis. WHAT IS […]

These are The Measures to be taken to avoid intestinal parasites

To avoid contamination by intestinal parasites and to combat their spread, good hygiene habits must be adopted. Be particularly vigilant if you are travelling to a country with a warm and humid climate. GOOD DAILY HABITS TO PREVENT INTESTINAL PARASITOSES Some simple gestures help to avoid being contaminated by intestinal […]

slow cooker jambalaya (vegan jambalaya)

slow cooker jambalaya that is vegan, essentially hands-free and packed with so much flavor it’s in permanent dinner rotation in our household. gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan friendly We’ve made several versions of jambalaya over the years.  But this slow cooker jambalaya is the absolute best. As you all know, I […]

Never Ignore These Signs and Symptoms of Anal Cancer !!

If you have anal cancer or are close to someone who does, knowing what to expect can help you cope. Here you can find out all about anal cancer, including risk factors, symptoms, how it’s found, and how it’s treated. Sometimes anal cancer causes no symptoms at all. But bleeding is often the […]

Here’s how to naturally treat a cold sore

Peu esthétique, il a la fâcheuse habitude d’apparaître au moment où vous vous y attendez le moins : juste avant un rendez-vous galant, une soirée entre amis ou un entretien d’embauche. Le bouton de fièvre ou herpès labial peut devenir un vrai cauchemar, surtout lorsqu’on ne sait pas le traiter correctement… […]

The preferred diet of cardiologists to lose 2 kg in a week and eliminate bad cholesterol

La majeure partie des régimes est établie par des experts en nutrition reconnus et spécialisés dans la perte de poids. Chaque régime est basé sur une alimentation ciblée pour maigrir à des endroits bien précis. Dans cet article nous vous proposons non seulement un régime qui va favoriser une perte […]

Throw your medications: 7 health problems that can be cured with the trio lemon, salt and pepper

Natural ingredients such as lemon, salt and pepper are found in all kitchens. These super foods contain many powerful compounds that are behind their therapeutic properties. So what are the health problems that a mixture of lemon, salt and pepper can cure? Irritated throat The mixture of lemon juice, salt […]

5 Early Warning Signs That Cancer is Growing in Your Body

No matter, you are smoker or non-smoker, lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the U.S., and knowing the early signs of this illness may eliminate an important risk. -If you notice any of these 5 common early signs of lung cancer, you should consult your doctor […]

The Scary Side Effect of Acne No One Talks About

A major study says waking up to severe breakouts daily may make you two to three times more likely to develop depression. It may not spread rumors about you or leave mean comments on your Instagram, but make no mistake — chronic zits are a huge bully on your self-esteem. […]

How to get rid of a cold sore : Natural remedies for cold sore

Cold sores are often known as fever blisters given their appearance. Most cold sores are caused by HSV-1, also known as Herpes Simplex Virus. According to the World Health Organization, around two-thirds of adults aged 50 and older have HSV-1. The University of Michigan’s Health Service estimates that 50 percent of American kindergarten-age children […]

10 Tips To Control Weight Loss Due To Stress

Anxiety Causes Weight Loss Forty million American adults are affected by anxiety (3). And anxiety can also be triggered by chronic stress. The stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, get triggered when you are super anxious, thereby opening the gateway for more stress. If you have ever paced up and down, […]

This Oil Is More Dangerous Than Sugar, Keep Yourself Away From it !!

In a world with aggressive marketing and strong propaganda by the food companies, people are often tricked to live in deception that a lot of foods are healthy, when in fact, they might be even dangerous and toxic for us. The soybean is one of the examples. The latest researches […]

7 feminine secrets every women should know to avoid vaginal infections

A vaginal yeast infection is nothing to be embarrassed about. Experts at the Department of Urogynaecology, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) tell you all you need to know. MOST WOMEN​​get vaginal yeast infection (candidiasis) at least once in their lifetime. Most women are likely to have a yeast infection at […]

Have a migraine headache? Place a banana peel on your forehead for an incredible effect

More than 47 million Americans know the pain of intense headaches. The throbbing pain, the nausea, the sensitivity to light, the tension in your neck and back—these are symptoms many are all too familiar with. Though there are many over-the-counter treatments, such as Aspirin, Aleve or Excedrin, often these medicines […]


“I was teased to bits at school today for having hands that look like bubble wrap,” says one online forum member. “I want to get rid of my warts, now.” “For the last 5 or 6 years I have been getting warts on my hands,” says another. “I recently had one […]

How to Get Rid of Excess Phlegm in Your Throat

The phlegm is actually dense mucus that forms in the throat and causes cough and discomfort. It is extremely important to treat phlegm quickly because it can cause major infections of the respiratory tract. These natural remedies we present below will help you get rid of the phlegm and will […]

How to Get Rid of Lice: 8 Natural Remedies To Fight Against Lice Quickly

The better and more thoroughly you treat an outbreak of lice, the less likely it is to become a recurring problem. Figuring out how to get rid of lice naturally takes some continuous effort, but so do conventional options. Plus when it comes to how to get rid of lice naturally, […]

These are a few additional anecdotal fenugreek seeds benefits Every woman must know

Fenugreek is an herb in the same family as soy. People use its fresh and dried seeds, leaves, twigs, and roots as a spice, flavoring agent, and supplement. While more research is necessary, some studies show that fenugreek may have varied health benefits. Fenugreek may be able to help reduce […]

Church’s “Miracle Cure” for Autism, HIV, Cancer Is Just Bleach

Youtube was recently in the hot seat again after complaints about videos selling a “Miracle Cure” to viewers. Referred to as “Miracle Mineral Solution” (MMS), the chemical mixture is being peddled as a cure-all for autism, HIV, cancer, and more. The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing created MMS […]

12 Early Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer’s That Your Doctor Will Never Tell you about!!

We all lose our keys or forget where we put our reading glasses as we get older. Or maybe we even forget an appointment. These all can be normal signs of the aging process, but there are certain behaviors that may be the can indicate early signs of Alzheimer’s, especially if […]

This one-pan baked salmon recipe is a dinnertime problem-solver

Flavorful salmon is healthy, delicious and quick-cooking: Perfect for a weeknight meal that doesn’t compromise on taste or nutrition. This genius baked salmon dinner for two cooks all together on one baking sheet, complete with vegetable sides. It can easily become a dinner for four on two sheet pans if […]

5 Diseases You Should Know Are Caused by Asbestos Exposure

During Asbestos Awareness Week, we put a spotlight on asbestos exposure and what can happen if someone is overexposed. Often, the more serious and well-known conditions like mesothelioma and lung cancer receive the most attention during Asbestos Awareness Week. Today we’re touching on the other cancers and benign conditions caused by […]

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Oral Thrush In Kids ? What Causes Oral Thrush? How Is Oral Thrush Treated?

What Is Oral Thrush? Oral thrush is a very common yeast infection in babies. It causes irritation in and around a baby’s mouth. What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Oral Thrush? Oral thrush (also called oral candidiasis) can affect anyone, but is most common in babies younger than 6 months […]

15 Foods to Avoid If You Have Bad Kidneys

Dietary restrictions vary depending on the stage of kidney disease. For instance, people who are in the early stages of chronic kidney disease will have different dietary restrictions than those with end-stage renal disease, or kidney failure. Those with end-stage renal disease who require dialysis will also have varying dietary […]

How To Keep your vagina clean and healthy

The vagina is designed to keep itself clean with the help of natural secretions (discharge). Find out how to help your vagina keep clean and healthy, and why you don’t need douches or vaginal wipes. The vagina is a tube of muscle inside a woman’s body that runs from the cervix […]