beautiful luscious lips: Apply these 7 tips for luscious lips

Dreaming of beautiful luscious lips? There are many tricks to give volume to thin lips. 7 tips for a mouth to chew!

Chewable lips
If some women are lucky enough to have fleshy and sensual lips, others have to settle for a more modest mouth. Luscious lips are synonymous with femininity and seduction. The desire for them to be larger is therefore understandable. Fortunately, there are many ways to get the perfect mouth without injection. Lips chewable, here we come!

Start with the base
The starting point? Soft and neat lips. Easily remove small dead skin with a soft toothbrush or a gentle lip scrub.

corrective lenses
No lip makeup succeeded without perfect base. Apply a layer of corrector to the lips to bring out the color and promote the holding of your pencil or lipstick. Use a soft-touch, non-drying corrector.

Contouring is not only reserved for the face oval and cheekbones. Lips too can enjoy it. Create a shadow below the lower lip to give it a more prominent and therefore more voluminous appearance. The golden rule? Blur!

Illuminate Cupid’s bow
By highlighting your Cupid bow with an Illuminator, you will accentuating the protruding portion of the upper lip, which is visually more voluminous.

Our favorite trick! Draw the contour of your lips by slightly exceeding. Use this to make a pencil of the same color as your lipstick.

Opt for nude mouth
As the dark clothes refine the silhouette, the lipstick refines the lips. The darker the color, the thinner the lips appear. For luscious lips, opt for a nude hue. With Clinique’s dramatically different lipstick, you’ll find your happiness. This lipstick is not only synonymous with color, but also in shape and contour. What more could you ask for?

Apply a plumping lip balm
Aren’t all these little things enough for you? Then apply the icing on the cake: a plumping lip gloss. Because a gloss captures the light more, your lips will attract all eyes.

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