Beautiful breasts goal: 7 beauty tips for a beautiful breast!

Flatter the silhouette
To harmoniously reposition a (very) generous chest, wear Wacoal’s Minimizer Slimming Bra, from 55 to 63 euros, hyper-technical: “The combination of a material stuck at the top and bottom of the bonnet and a satin stretch band in the middle, where the breast is the strongest, distributes volume and creates an elegant look,” explains Sophie Knis, marketing director at Wacoal France. Without compressing or crushing the breasts, of course, and reducing the chest circumference by two centimeters. To straighten “mature” breasts, Playtex’s Tonique Contour, $40, features new frames, hyper-comfortable high-tech “spatulas” that regaland and give tone to the neckline.

Fleeing the sun
Your cleavage is archi fragile, but you protect it less than your face: “Yet it’s on the front line in the spring,” says dermatologist Dr Nadine Pomarède. From April, slip into your handbag a small tube of SPF30 sunscreen to draw during lunches on the terrace or tennis games (not to mention the neck). On the beach, switch to the 50 index the first few days, and if you drop the top of the jersey, cream the underside of the breasts, in danger as soon as you lie down.

Moving to the institute
We’re doing double duty. The neckline, now included in the “face” treatments, enjoys the same attentions: cleaning, massage and peeling mask in the rejuvenating and redensifying treatment Instant Lift Vinosculpt de caudalie (1) (80 min, 180 euros).

Another plumping idea, anti-ageing body rituals: scrubbing and wrapping “blackcurrant-cranberry” smoothing and firming in the LiftAlpes Body Care (2) (50 min, 115 euros), or cell regeneration and modeling in Aromessence Corps Liss’Age Excellence Corps (3 ) (1 hour, 90 euros).

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