What causes cellulitis ?

Cellulitis is a skin infection that’s treated with antibiotics. It can be serious if it’s not treated quickly. Cellulitis is usually caused by a bacterial infection. The bacteria can infect […]

4 Beauty Tricks to Help You Save Time

Whether you’re a student or the parent of one, one thing is universal: Time is especially precious during back to school season. Homework, swim practice and social activities don’t leave […]

10 Face Mask Mistakes You Could Be Making

Using a face mask as part of your regular skin care routine could be beneficial to your skin—if you’re doing it right, that is. Face masks can help address specific skin care concerns (like […]

Clean your skin with micellar water

Remove makeup and clean your skin at the same time, it’s possible! Micellar water, this fresh and very light makeup remover on the skin, has many advantages, especially for sensitive […]

Understanding Dental Flares

The twenty milk teeth gradually move into the infant’s mouth. The first dental thrust occurs most often between 4 to 7 months and the milk teeth are all in place […]

Asbestos, a health hazard

Present in nature, asbestos can be used to make a material composed of fibres, often harmful to health. Their inhalation causes respiratory pathologies most often benign, but sometimes cancerous. What […]