11 simple and effective tips for removing blackheads

10/ The use of honey
Honey, a product filled with benefits par excellence, also proves to be a valuable ally in the fight against blackheads. To cleanse the skin, it will be necessary to rely on its vitamins, enzymes and other amino acids, which, in addition, will allow the regeneration of damaged tissues. Thanks to its healing properties, you will avoid infections and epidermal imperfections. Finally, being a powerful moisturizer, the suppleness of the skin will be preserved, and the epidermis protected from external aggression and premature aging.

As with the various previous methods, it will be necessary to wash the skin properly, and prepare it, before applying the honey to the parts of the face involved in the treatment. Then let it work for about 15 minutes, then wash your face. Finally, to make the most of the anti-bacterial, antibiotic and antiseptic properties, we recommend an untreated natural honey.

11/ The blackhead mask with egg white
Another alternative is the egg white mask. Unsightly blackheads will be fought naturally and not aggressively! All you need is an egg and a tissue. First step, break an egg and separate the white from the yolk. Then you will have to cut a tissue into small pieces.

The preparation is over, let’s take action! Apply the egg white to the face and place the small pieces of tissue on the affected areas. Once the white is dry, and the pieces of handkerchief become hard, you must remove them and wash your face with clear water. The pores are then tightened, and the skin texture is smoother.

How do you stop blackheads from coming back?
You have effectively eliminated your blackheads, we now give you some tips to prevent their return. First, we emphasize the importance of setting up and sticking to a routine of care. For example, it will be a matter of washing your face well in the morning and in the evening in cold water. This will slow down the appearance of sebum.

Second, food remains paramount. Healthy food hygiene remains the best remedy. Especially zinc-rich foods, such as egg yolks, beans, peaches or oysters. Finally, remember to remove makeup properly every night, and not to touch, do not try to remove the blackheads with your fingers.

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