11 simple and effective tips for removing blackheads

7/ The homemade blackheads mask with toothpaste
This homemade mask offers very convincing results. The combination of these two active ingredients, toothpaste and salt, will properly exfoliate the epidermis, and will provide effective anti-bacterial action, in addition to eliminating blackheads.

To do this, you will need to mix, in a bowl, a teaspoon of toothpaste with the same amount of salt, and a little lukewarm water. Once the mixture is homogeneous, you can apply it to the area or areas to be treated, after having previously washed your face with lukewarm water. The action of toothpaste on the skin will leave you feeling fresh.

After about ten minutes, simply rinse with water, and apply a moisturizer at the end of the treatment. It is important to note that the skin should be kept moist for the duration of the treatment.

8/ The anti-black dot patch for the nose
Best-selling beauty aisles of perfumeries or supermarkets, and increasingly on online shops like Amazon.fr, the anti-point patch for the nose is produced by a multitude of brands, at very variable prices, but very often accessible. Its operating principle is relatively simple.

Once glued to the nose, it plays the role of a suction cup and, when it takes off, it will remove a significant amount of blackheads! It will be necessary to impregnate it with water, preferably hot, before applying it on the nose. There, he will try to spread the pores and stick to the top of the black dot and then extract it.

Somewhat painful at the time of detachment, this technique is extremely effective. Obviously, it is possible that not all black dots will be removed at once, so it will be necessary to renew the operation.

9/ The use of lemon juice
Some see it as the lethal weapon against blackheads. There are many of these benefits. It is sanitizing, purifies the skin, and has strong healing properties. It is easy to understand how it can be used to treat blackheads.

Very simple to implement, and at a paltry cost, just squeeze a lemon into a glass, so as to extract the juice (which you can keep for up to 4 days in the refrigerator). Then you will have to soak a cotton pad, and rub the areas to be treated, without overemphasizing. Now let the juice dry on your face. The ideal is to perform this treatment every night before going to bed, for about a week. The result is stunning!

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