11 simple and effective tips for removing blackheads

4/ The gentle exfoliating scrub
Larousse defines exfoliation as the separation of dead parts that detach from the epidermis. The gentle exfoliating scrub will consist of the application of a mixture, which, by massage, will detach the dead skin, and remove its imperfections from the epidermis. The operation will have to be repeated once or twice a week. It will be necessary to carefully analyze its skin type, oily, mixed, or dry, before applying the scrub.

Simply mix three tablespoons of sugar and two spoonfuls of olive oil into a bowl to get a homemade sweet scrub! You can also garnish it with honey… All you have to do now is apply the mixture to the face, focusing on the oily or particularly affected areas. The rinse will be done in cold water, which, as mentioned above, will help to tighten the pores.

5/ The clay mask
With a formidable efficiency, and much cheaper than specialized cosmetics, the clay mask will seduce you. Its sanitizing, astringent and exfoliating properties, which balance the pH of the epidermis, are unanimously recognized. Just like the scrub, one to two masks a week is enough. The sebum and impurities will be pulled outwards by its action. You can get the mask in the trade, or prepare it yourself.

In any case, it will have to be applied all over the face, emphasizing the problem areas uniformly, in order to dry it everywhere at the same speed. However, some areas, due to their sensitivity, should be avoided, such as the neck, eyes or mouth. Finally, the rinse will be done with lukewarm water once the mask has dried.

6/ The comedon pull
Above, we discussed the risks of piercing blackheads with nails. The alternative is the comedon pull. It is a small instrument, usually metallic, designed to extract blackheads. Composed of a small loop that will surround the comedon, the extraction of the comedon will not be pressured on the area around it.

Of course, its use will have to be preceded, and followed by, specific hygiene measures. It is therefore a question of preparing your skin for the use of the instrument, mainly by promoting the opening of pores, through a facial sauna for example. Then, the cleansing of the skin is also necessary, the use of a mild soap will be sufficient.

You can also prepare your skin in greater depth by making a scrub. Complete the process by reiterating the opening of the pores. You will then be able to use the comedon pull in the best conditions.

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