11 simple and effective tips for removing blackheads

Having blackheads is not synonymous with poor hygiene!

As seen previously, the appearance of blackheads is not necessarily related to hygiene, but depends greatly on various and varied factors. Combining their presence with a lack of hygiene is very reductive.

Washing every day, with a strong emphasis on areas likely to accommodate them, can have no effect, or worse, make the situation worse! It will take time and patience to get through this. The aim here is to take the right steps, and to repeat them, to make them disappear, as well as to prevent their return.

For example, in addition to washing your face in hot water, which will open the pores to better clean them, consider rinsing with cold water, which will promote the retraction of the skin and the closure of pores.

The products to be preferred are those that will help to rebalance the skin while purifying it. Alcohol-based solutions, on the other hand, are not allowed!

Removing blackheads with nails: a bad idea!

It is tempting, and fast, to want to get rid of a black dot by pressing it between your fingernails. It is strongly discouraged, dermatologists are unanimous on this subject, to use this method. This is a very bad reflex that should be abandoned. In addition to irritating the skin through pinching and pressure, the risk of infection is here at its peak.

The fingertips, especially the nails, even if the hands are properly washed, contain many germs and bacteria. The latter will take advantage of the operation to nest in the pore, instead of the comedon, resulting, at best, a real pimple, in the worst, a cyst, accompanied by a significant risk of overinfection.

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