10 Simple Ways to Grow Eyebrows Thicker

10. Milk
Milk naturally has lot of goodness, which is exactly why this is been used in different skincare products, it contains two vital proteins known as casein and whey. These two trigger and stimulate the growth of healthy hair. Doing this on a daily basis will give you the desired results.

Soak the cotton ball in the milk. Gently massage your eyebrows with the cotton. Keep it on for 15 minutes and wash with water.


Tips to Grow Eyebrows

1. Eat Biotin rich and healthy foods
Biotin is a vitamin that helps hair growth. You should eat eggs, avocados, salmon and peanuts for a natural treatment of hair loss.

2. Use eyebrow and eyelash serum
Brow serum is a product that is made to stimulate growth of hair follicles above the eye. Some of the best serums contain peptides as ingredients that make hair grow quickly.

3. Avoid wearing makeup
Aggressive face makeup can slow down the growth of your eyebrows.

4. Avoid applying lotions and creams
Lotions and creams clog hair follicles. This prevents the natural breathing process of hair and prevents your eyebrows from growing out long and healthy.

5. Massage your eyebrows
Massage your eyebrows regularly. Massage therapy improves blood circulation around the eyebrow area. This further improves the supply of nutrients.

6. Comb to stimulate hair growth
Brushing hair has its own benefits. Brushing hair helps in stimulating the blood capillaries, thereby increasing the blood circulation and transportation of nutrients and oxygen to the stem, root and bulb of the hair.

7. Drink Water
Water is good for your overall health. It helps remove all the toxic substance from your body through urine. Start drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. This will enhance your body system and improve hair growth.

8. Include vitamins B and D
This is important as it affects your internal organs and your physical appearance. Eat foods rich in vitamins B and D to improve hair growth. It will help you grow strong eyelashes and eyebrows that will be able to combat the harmful effects of chemical-based products like mascara and eyeliner.

10. Avoid over-plucking
Plucking & waxing your eyebrows damages its hair follicle eternally, preventing hair from growing back ever, therefore it’s suggested that one refrains from over- plucking.

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