Just consume these 10 foods to boost the volume of your buttocks. This is how to get Kim Kardashian’s booty without workout

We thought we tried everything to get to the same buttocks as BeyoncĂ©. Squat challenge, discreet contractions in the subway and daily steps: It is not always easy to keep pace! For the lazy, the overbooks… and all the others, we have the solution. What if it was enough to readjust its diet?


I’m not going to do a diet. We just target the ingredients that make it easy to get the muscle in order to bomb our booty. Zoom in on this gentle method without moving your butt!

The muscle needs a large protein intake (e.g. from fish fats) to grow. Since mackerel is particularly rich in omega 3, it maintains a high protein level in the body and thus facilitates muscle swelling.

Red pepper
Enriched with vitamin C, red pepper boosts collagen creation and strengthens muscle tissue in depth. On the other hand, we think of peeling the vegetable because its skin is not digestible.

Low in fat, soy is one of the best sources of vegetable protein. It contains all the amino acids necessary for the construction of the muscle… and therefore to the roundness of our buttocks!

We sprinkle at will our dishes of turmeric, which boosts the growth of the cells and thus the creation of muscle tissues. This plant is also known to fight several cancers.

The eggs
Rich in amino acids and vitamin D, the eggs develop and repair the muscles, while ensuring the good health of the muscle tissues. We try to eat one a day at breakfast, unless you have an already high cholesterol level.

We try to replace more often our beloved starches (potatoes, pasta…) with quinoa, a plant source of complete proteins and amino acids essential to the swelling of the muscle.

The high level of vitamin C contained in the kiwi helps our muscles stay healthy. This antioxidant will make it easier to gain muscle mass and protect the cells generated.

If this cheese is recommended for muscle growth, it is because it is made with whey proteins rich in amino acids. From then on we make our vegetables gratin with ricotta rather than with Emmental, and we add to our morning omelet!

Almond butter
The consumption of almond butter is mainly recommended for sports, because this ingredient will help the muscles to contract, and thus to multiply the effects of a workout.

The cucumber
Cucumbers are consumed at times without peeling, as it is the skin that contains the essential ingredient for the composition of healthy muscle tissues: silica.

We got Kim Kardashian’s booty!

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